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The trucking company wanted to create a loyalty program and lightweight web app which could increase sales, loyalty and overall brand presence. The trucking company wanted to do robust research with all relevant parties i.e. truck drivers, truck dealers, internal stakeholders and all relevant change management parties for execution. The task was to create persona profiles, conduct interviews, gather research, and collect all stakeholders vision on the loyalty programs mechanics and vision.


This trucking company is a world leading truck manufacturer providing total transport solutions in the medium to heavy-duty segment in more than 130 countries.

Trucking Company Loyalty Program


Figma, Mural, MS Excel, MS Forms, MS Powerpoint

Team Members 

Creative Director, UX Lead, Visual Designer, UX Designer

My Role 

UX Designer 

Project Duration

Phase I : March - April 2022

4 weeks

Design | Deliver

In order to showcase our deep understanding of users and related parties, we translated our research findings and insights into:


  • Persona Profiles

  • High Level Primary User Flow

  • Loyalty Program Name


My contribution on this part of the process included creating personas and user journey maps, designing visuals to display our deliverables, and presenting to the clients the work we had put together. 

Through our process  we were able to gather research insights and design deliverables that best represented our findings, allowing the trucking company to understand the users and the parties involved in implementing a loyalty program. Gave the program a name, a strategy, and direction into how this loyalty program could be executed.


Dealer, Driver and stakeholder perspectives needed to be researched, to quickly understand all related parties.



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