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In the spring of 2020, the SCADPro alliance assembled a small Avenger's team full of logistics experts, industry professionals, and hungry students to explore the future of logistics. During this time, the effects of COVID-19 had pushed our new normal online, however, in spite of the pandemic, we continued to diligently design and explore the human experiences behind logistics.

Project Duration

03.30.20 - 05.28.20

10 weeks


SCADPro Collaboration

Prof. Elaine Gallagher

Prof. John Howrey

Team Members 

Marin Bagbey, Arundhati Bagrodia, Brittney Dinkins, Jesenia Duque, Jason Jian, Huiquan Lu, Tom Yao, Heejin Yeo

My Role 

Research Lead

Concept Development

Our Partners

Vision Video

When Nicole goes to order an item online, she sees an option to have her products shipped to a community Hive for a lower cost, faster delivery and a special reward. Curious, she clicks the option.

Upon clicking the Hive option, Nicole sees a variety of designated pickup points within local businesses. She selects one of her favorites and looks forward to her visit.

After checking out, she sees a code for a discount at the local business she chose. Her excitement and anticipation grow, and she’s motivated to check out other Hive locations in the future.

Designing for Unpredictability

Madison can quickly choose between two options upon opening the app

Simply select a pick up and drop off location for the drone

View the different markers that indicate pick up and drop off

View the route confirmed

Logistics is a human experience. But the only stories we hear are about the automated 18-wheelers, the robotic arms swinging around in a warehouse, or the next wave of robust carrier drones.

Logistics is an ever growing industry with systems drastically changing to adjust to the needs of the people, but you rarely hear about the people.

Here are the stories of Madison, Dave, and Nicole. The people that make this industry come to life. A future of logistics with people and their aspirations.